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Sports Therapy Service
Free Consultation

At Escalate Inc. Time Chamber, our mission is to get all athletes ready and well for vigorous and intensive physical activity/sport (potentially better than before they were injured).

Take advantage of our free consultation and additional sports therapy services with our Senior Head of Sports Therapy, Jason Brown BSc (Hons).


  • Identify injury location

  • Identify injury stage (chronic/acute)

  • Identify how old the injury is

  • Identify whether the patient should completely stop sport/physical activity or moderate it

  • Offer advice on what to do right now

  • Identify the injury/condition

  • Provide a next steps guide*


* Any treatment  will be identified  during your consultation. There will be no fee until you are ready to book your treatment. 

Treatment & Rehabilitation 

After your FREE consultation, we provide the option to use our additional services. Tailor-made to your specific injury, we provide a rehabilitation programme designed with the aim to return you to full fitness and your chosen sport as soon as possible. Your programme will be built around successful rehabilitation techniques, used by athletes and professionals globally.


All programmes will be discussed and agreed with you before any treatment begins. We offer treatments and rehabilitation for all lower limb injuries.


We also offer massage treatments* which are useful to: 

  • Relieve tension

  • Break down knots

  • Reduce swelling


*Therapeutic massages are available upon request.

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