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The ultimate kit, designed to give you the powers of legendary players in the game. The 1970 World Champions Brazil and pele done so wearing a kit of simplicity. Celtics classic kit designs are recognisable in any era. France 1998s World cup winning squad was heavily full of Leaders, class and club champions. Arsenals Burganday collored shirt wore buy Thierry henry,dennis berkhamp and Patrick viera paid homeage to their origins. Heavily influenced by these successful legendary teams Escalates infinity anniversary shirt is one for the ages. Bathed in the clubs home colours red. The kit screams as a reminder of the Escalate Way of Respect, Effectiveness, Desire. With the Escalate crest imprinted at the heart of the chest. Like a heart the top is excellently designed to connotate that the To Believe is To Know mentality courses through the wearers veins. The infinity logo with its double meaning of forever and 8 years in the game, this brilliantly designed top is completed with a faint pattern at the back of the top suggesting that for the wearer God really has there back.


Infinity logo 8th year anniversary, 8th year. May only be 8 year as a official company, but the journey starting long before and hopefully the legacy we build driven by purpose will be here long after, but we are trying to leave a legacy, change mindsets, smash goals achieve purposes.



  • Crew neck
  • Short sleeves
  • Sport mode
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Casual mode
  • Regular fit
  • 100% Polyester Fabric


Model 1: 6" / Wears Large

Model 2: 4" 5' / Wears 8 years – 9 years

Model 3: 4"9' / 14years – 15years

TBITK 8th Anniversary Infinity Shirt

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