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Our unique parties are 90 minutes of non-stop Escalate fun! Parties can take place anywhere, as long as there is space: parks, leisure centres, school sports halls, or even your own garden. Wherever you choose, one of our skilled Escalate coaches will show up and make sure the birthday boy/girl has a birthday to remember.


Incorporating the ethos of the company, Escalate parties are designed to create an enjoyable environment for all participants, including friends and parents.


Parties do not include:

  • Facility hire 

  • Food or drink


NB at least 3 weeks notice is required when booking a party. Any more than 30 children will result in an additional £30 being charged. We recommend 16-20 children.





Football parties are structured to include a 10-15 minute warm-up activity, 60-minute games activities, followed by a final 10-15 minute final match.


Positive memories can help shape the future. Escalate coaches are extremely flexible in adapting sessions in order to meet specific birthday requests, needs and ensuring your memories are top of the table.


For more information, email us at or "Book Now" using the button above.  





Premier League Package

Coach + medal for birthday player - £110


Champions League Package

Coach + trophy for birthday player + certificates for all players.  - £120


World Cup Package

Coach + trophy and t-shirt for birthday player + medals for all players.  - £160


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