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Escalate U18's vs Cre8tive U18's

Early goal from Creative putting Escalate 1-0 down in the early minutes of the game, the goal came from Escalate's number 6 slipping which leave the Creative striker 1 on 1 with the keeper which he ultimately lifts over the keeper for the first goal of the game.

A few minutes later Escalates rw Jack.M get played a ball through which he manages to control and shoot however this attack peters out as the shot is blocked by the Creative defender

Not to long after a chance has gone squandering as Escalates cam loses the ball on the left side of the opposing box after some good interplay beforehand

Another effort from Escalate as the number 82 Bram.B has a shot which is blocked but followed up by Escalates number 11 which is also blocked

As the pressure mounts from escalate, another shot from the number 10 of Escalate Alec.D just from outside the box is just hit over the bar

After copious amounts of pressure another shot is taken by Escalates number 71 after some fantastic possession before which is once again a narrow miss.

Free kick Escalate – outside the D – CROSSED ... headed away by the Creative center back.

Not to long later as the ball is sprayed out wide and whipped into Creatives 6-yard box however there is no one there from Escalate (this is where the striker should have been)

Possession lost by escalate in the middle of the park however quickly won back by some great defensive work

Cross into the box from the rw of Escalate which is cleared out only as far as the Escalate right back Kareem.H

Who crosses the ball back in however the trajectory of the ball is slightly off which brings it wards the goal and just over the keeper.Goal.

Swiftly after cross by Bram.B floated into the box which was cleared out after a fantastic first touch by Bram.

In quick succession from this the ball finds its way to Escalates number 71 Jesse.N after some fantastic close contact dribbling in the box he manages to get off a shot and it fires in straight past the keeper. GOAL.

2-1 Escalate

Cross from Escalate from the corner gone into the box, header from Iffy just over the bar

One through ball from Creative once again leaves their striker 1 on 1 with the Escalate keeper

Once again excellent composure from the Creative striker who takes the ball around Eddy and slots it away for their second goal and to make the game level once again. GOAL.

FIRST SUB –Escalate Siji.O for Jack.M

Good progressive play from Escalate as they move the ball from right to left to seek out another chance to put them back ahead

Creatives goal keeper receives the ball and punts one long (which has been their go to)

But the ball only gets cleared out by Escalate only as far as the Creative wide man who crosses the ball into the box however it is over everyone's head and gives Escalate possession again

Siji's first action of the game is a shot from the edge of the box just over the top left corner of the goal

Through ball from Alec.D towards Jesse.N but he is offside

FREEKICK – Creative ...into the box but cleared away

Another shot by Escalates number 88 once again over the bar

Shot by Escalate, keeper parried it out into the path of Iffy who attempts to lob the Creative keeper unfortunately over the bar again

Escalate put on the pressure straight away as a cross into the opposing box cleared out

Roles reverse and now creative are in Escalates box however they get crowded out real quickly

Shot from Jesse block ... followed up by Issa, over the bar

Foul by Bram, FREEKICK Creative – crossed in- cleared out

Great dribbling for the Creative number 10 with his shot just going narrowly wide

Corner for Creative, into the box which trickles to their Rb who shoots and is once again narrowly close

Bram edge off the Creative box shoots across goal with venom and it soars past the Creative keeper to make the game 3-2. GOAL.

Shot from Alec.D over the bar again after some great possession between the Escalate midfield.

Fancy footwork from Kareem, lifts his head up and crosses to the back post Jesse misses it but Bram is behind him who volleys it in with class. Goal.

4-2 Escalate win

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